Evidence-based learning
We empower educators to measurably improve learning outcomes with our adaptive courseware informed by the science of learning, and breakthrough use of learning data.

Backed by 10 years of research from Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative.

Personalizing Learning
Using principles derived from learning science research, our courseware optimizes learning with goal-directed practice and personalized feedback.

Our evidence-based approach to courseware design is proven to help students become better learners.

Visualizing Learning
The Learning Dashboard™ collects and analyzes real-time data from student interactions for targeted interventions at the point of need.

Our breakthrough use of learning data enables more informed decision making about how to help students succeed.

ASU + GSV Innovation Summit
Acrobatiq receives a 2015 ROE VentureED Award for our potential to dramatically improve learning outcomes and increase access to education.

We're honored to be singled out for this recognition from such a prestigious field of education leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Our focus is on improving student learning outcomes.

A Carnegie Mellon company and a spin out from the Open Learning Initiative (OLI), we’re building on OLI’s proven courseware design methodology, informed by the science of learning.  We enable higher education faculty, institutions and organizations to improve learning outcomes through customizable adaptive courseware,  and breakthrough use of student learning data.

Adaptive Courseware

Our learning science-based adaptive courseware is backed by 10 years of efficacy research from the Open Learning Initiative.

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The Learning Dashboard™

We use learning data to help faculty know who’s learning, who’s not, and where help is needed to better support students in the learning process.

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Smart Authoring Tools

Create beautiful and adaptive courseware using smart authoring tools based on design methodology from CMU’s Open Learning Initiative.

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Featured Courseware

Acrobatiq’s Adaptive Courseware  helps students learn like no print textbook can.  Select a courseware product below to learn more about   Acrobatiq’s approach to evidence-based course design.

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What Others Are Saying About Us

Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Transitioning from a physical textbook to Acrobatiq instantly provided numerous benefits for our students.  Acrobatiq is more accessible, affordable and engaging for our students, and it provides individualized feedback that lets them know where their strengths and weaknesses lie.  A great bonus is that it reduces the grading for Instructors and keep tracks of student performance for us.  It’s a win-win!

Dr. Stephen HobbsDepartment of Integrative Psychology, University of Colorado - Boulder
Dr. Erik W. Moody, Ph.D.

Acrobatiq’s courseware has changed the way I teach Introduction to Psychology.  The system automatically provides me with the information I need to better understand how my students are performing, making me a more efficient and effective professor.

Dr. Erik W. Moody, Ph.D.Marist College
Dr. Lawrence Rudiger, Ph.D

What sets Acrobatiq apart … is the Learning Dashboard. My students engage with the material and the Dashboard shows me meaningful summaries of their work. I can then use that information to make wise decisions about class time, and use it to amplify and clarify points where students tended to struggle the most. …It’s not always what I would predict. But it’s far more gratifying to know what they did not understand before I administer an exam.

Dr. Lawrence Rudiger, Ph.DDepartment of Psychological Science, University of Vermont
Michele Sordi, Vice President of Editorial

At SAGE, our goal is to provide high quality, digital course solutions that enhance the value of the trusted, expert content we develop in partnership with our academic authors.  Acrobatiq’s evidence-based approach for course design aligns well with our mission  of driving successful student outcomes. SAGE is delighted to partner with Acrobatiq and is confident that features such as the learning analytic dashboard, targeted feedback, and adaptive practice will enhance the educational experience for instructors and students.

Michele Sordi, Vice President of EditorialSAGE Publications
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