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EQUIP Program Trying to Bring Credibility and Accessibility to Education Innovations

Acrobatiq published an original report recently looking at the growing trend of universities and colleges developing coding bootcamps on their own or in partnership with one of the growing list of independent providers of technical training for software programming. What interested us about this subject was that these are vivid examples of higher education institutions […]

Get Your Higher Education Data Here: A Curated List of The Best Postsecondary Research Sources

A tremendous amount of postsecondary education data is available online to education leaders wanting to move to a culture of data-driven innovation and teaching practices — so much, in fact, that it is often difficult to know where to start for university and college administrators, faculty and instructional designers. To make the search for education […]

How Does the Degree Attainment Gap Affect Pell Grant Students?

Since 1973, the Federal Pell Grant program has been making college education possible for millions of first-generation, low-income students. The program has not been without its challenges, however: a large number of Pell students fall into the degree attainment gap, failing to earn a credential. It’s important to note that the degree completion problem is […]

How Faculty And Instructional Designers Can Work Together To Optimize Learning and Improve Learning Outcomes

More institutions of higher education are considering blended or hybrid instructional formats as growing evidence that blended learning significantly outperforms face-to-face classroom instruction. As a result, the need for instructional designers who understand the connection between learning science and designing high-quality online learning experiences is growing by the day. When it comes to design, a […]

How Well Designed Courseware Empowers Faculty in New and Surprising Ways

In 2015, The Atlantic published a piece by a veteran English teacher, who was concerned that courseware and the blended classroom will soon replace teachers. The piece describes a future student-centered classroom, in which teachers may lose their status as resident experts and turn into facilitators of learning instead, essentially becoming teaching assistants who show […]

Prepare a Solid Instructional Designer Job Description for Higher Ed

Instructional design plays an important role in course development for higher education, whether the course involves online learning or traditional in-classroom teaching. Surprisingly, there is little public awareness of what instructional designers do, even though there are at least 13,000 people in higher education alone who identify with this role. Preparing a well-written instructional designer […]

Using Online Courseware to Create a Personalized Learning Experience

Online courseware is increasingly attractive to colleges and universities that are looking for innovative ways to address the challenges of closing the degree attainment gap, particularly for first-generation, low-income students. However, courseware may also seem intimidating to instructors and institutions accustomed to traditional methods of classroom teaching. They may believe it minimizes the instructor’s role. […]

How Teaching and Learning Are Changing In Response To New Educational Technologies

Technology is evolving the way educators teach and helping tech-savvy students stay more engaged in their classwork. Whether by incorporating innovative ways to share information, or by connecting with students taking classes online, new technology-enabled teaching and learning tools are helping to expand the walls of the traditional classroom. An aphorism often quoted in education […]

A Comprehensive List of Blended Learning Resources for Higher Education

Faculty seeking blended learning resources for their post-secondary classrooms are often faced with a problem: although there are many resources available online, many resource lists are aimed at K-12 educators. Below is a comprehensive list of resources, including blogs, books, conferences, and courses — all of which are designed for instructors seeking more information about […]

Seven Blended Learning Models Used Today in Higher Ed

Blended learning, also called hybrid learning, fuses traditional face-to-face classroom teaching with online instruction. It’s a simple concept, but it becomes more complex when you consider that there is no one way to blend learning; online and face-to-face instruction can be combined into several blended learning models. Many hybrid models have been developed in the […]

What Is Blended Learning in Higher Ed? Six Definitions from Thought Leaders

Blended learning — the hybrid of classroom instruction and online learning  — is gaining traction because it has the potential to engage students and improve outcomes and because of a growing awareness that the traditional lecture model has largely been proven to be a less effective. But faculty used to the traditional lecture model may […]

More States Are Requiring the ACT & SAT, But What About Test Prep?

The SAT and the ACT have always been high stakes tests for students hoping to get into their college of choice, but in the last year the stakes have gotten even higher — for state departments of educations. Both of these major college entrance exams have been approved by the federal government to satisfy federal […]