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Alison Pendergast is Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Acrobatiq. For all of her career, Alison has focused on understanding the trends and harnessing the power of technology to improve education. She helped bring to market numerous transformative and market-leading print and digital learning products at Pearson and Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Chemistry covers topics included in a typical university-level first semester General Chemistry course. The course focuses on the understanding of chemical principles from three dimensions including: macroscopic observations, submicroscopic particulate activity, and symbolic representation of chemical phenomena. Particulate activity is represented throughout the course through images, animations, and interactive simulations. Symbolic […]

Introduction to Special Education

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Introduction to Special Education courseware establishes a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue a career in special education. Students learn about the referral process, grouping, Individualized Education Program (IEP), as well as social, ethical, and professional issues. The courseware supports adaptive learning programs delivered online or on-ground. Students purchase access to the Smart […]

What’s a Skill Graph Anyway?

One critical element common among competency based education, mastery based learning and data-driven instructional design is identifying and aligning learning outcomes – or student-centered measurable statements of what is being learned and assessed to instructional content, activities and assessments.  This alignment – which we call the course design triangle – helps ensure that no skill […]


Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Precalculus gives students a solid knowledge of linear, quadratic, inverse, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric functions and how to identify, describe, graph and solve equations. Foundational modules are followed by application of analytic trigonometry, solving equations involving sine or cosine functions, graphing, and using inverse trigonometric functions. The final unit explains the […]

Probability & Statistics

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Probability & Statistics is designed to provide your students with a strong foundation in statistical thinking and key practices. No prior knowledge of statistical concepts is required; basic algebra is the only prerequisite. Acrobatiq offers two versions of statistics: Probability & Statistics and Statistical Reasoning. Probability & Statistics takes a classical approach to probability. […]

Change Management

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Change Management provides a step-by-step examination of managing both planned and unplanned change. Modules focus on theory, models and types of organizational change. Students learn how diagnosing, navigating and sustaining change through effective leadership and management strategies can promote productivity, financial security and innovation. As students interact with the learning activities, learning data […]

College Algebra

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for College Algebra covers quadratic functions, graph transformation, combinations of functions and inverses. The course also provides students with a strong foundation in exponential and logarithmic functions, polynomial and rational functions, and linear systems. As students interact with the learning activities, learning data is continually collected, analyzed, and reported to The Learning Dashboard™, […]

Anatomy & Physiology

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Anatomy & Physiology is an ideal introduction to the human body for students preparing for careers in healthcare or fitness. The courseware reviews the structures and functions of the body, levels of organization, and its systems. The courseware supports adaptive learning programs delivered online or on-ground. Students purchase access to the Smart Courseware™ in place of […]

Principles of Finance

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Principles of Finance provides a solid foundation for the study of business and personal finance with an emphasis on corporate financial management. Each module analyzes a key area of finance such as forecasting, accounting, valuation, cash flows and budgeting. Areas of corporate investing such as leverage, risk and return, cost of capital, […]

Information Systems Management

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Information Systems Management instructs students in the key components of implementing and managing all forms of information technology.  Modules focus on information technology infrastructure, data resource management, networking technologies, system design and implementation. Databases, data warehousing, analysis and mining are discussed, along with networking foundations of telecommunication, the Internet, e-commerce, social media, […]

Statistical Reasoning

Acrobatiq Smart Author Content for Statistical Reasoning introduces students to the basic concepts and logic of statistical reasoning and an introductory-level ability to choose, generate, and properly interpret appropriate descriptive and inferential methods. Students will gain an appreciation for the diverse applications of statistics and its relevance to their lives and fields of study. The course does […]