About Bill Jerome, VP of UX

Bill Jerome is VP of Product and User Experience at Acrobatiq. He is a computer scientist whose passion is connecting with the human user, and developing easy-to-use systems capable of real good in the real world. Bill is a founding member of Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative.

Entries by Bill Jerome, VP of UX

Announcing Release 3.1.2

The Acrobatiq team is pleased to announce Acrobatiq Enterprise Release 3.1.2 with the following improvements and bug fixes. Improvements Smart Author When viewing blueprints on the maintenance server, the blueprint title and description fields can now be changed.   User logged in as an anonymous user would receive a 403 error. Now, they are sent […]

Acrobatiq Advances Personalized Learning With Platform Release 3.0

After months of development and beta testing, we’re proud to introduce Acrobatiq 3.0! This release includes significant new enhancements to Acrobatiq Smart Author™ digital publishing application, making the development and continuous improvement of adaptive courses faster and easier for university partners. Additionally, this release also includes enhancements to the Acrobatiq learning analytics engine enabling earlier, […]

How Universities Are Putting Learning Data to Practical Use — Real-Time Course Correction and Long-Term Strategy

On this blog and in our library of white papers, I’ve published a number of pieces about how Acrobatiq’s adaptive learning platform transforms learning data into actionable insights about each student’s progress. In this article (and others to come), I’d like to share some practical steps educators can take to improve learning outcomes using that […]

What’s New: The Acrobatiq Course Readiness Report

After a summer of feature releases, we’re focused on platform stability, bug fixes, and the development of our next significant feature: Course Readiness Reporting. The new Course Readiness Report Last month we previewed the development of the Course Readiness Report. In this month’s product update, I’d like to go into more detail about what the […]

Improving the Timed Assignments User Experience – Platform Release v2.0.20

We’ve been rolling out a lot of improvements to our platform lately, focusing on the user experience for students, while making grading and assignments simpler for both course authors and instructors. This week’s biggest improvements center around timed assignments. Timed assignments now include a visible countdown timer, which should prove more convenient for students. We’ve […]

What’s New in Release V2.0.19

While many Acrobatiq users are working hard on fall term courses, we are kicking off October with several improvements to the platform. Among other changes, students can now find all their quiz and human-graded assignments on their table of contents, and authors can see at a glance which elements are shared across courses. Other fixes […]

What’s New in Release V2.0.18

 Our team has been busy helping our clients successfully launch their courses for the start of a new term. Our primary focus has been supporting last minute content edits and making small adjustments to our processes and tools. We’re making the semester as smooth an experience for students and instructors as possible, particularly for those […]

What’s New In Release V2.0.16

We’re gearing up for the start of the school year. The last update of the summer introduces one major new feature — gradebook integration for the Desire2Learn (D2L) LMS — and new improvements in offering instant feedback on hand-in assignments and in the user interface for Smart Author’s embedded tools. Let’s start by looking at […]

What’s New: Rubric-Based Assignments in Adaptive Learning

One common criticism of adaptive learning software is that it too frequently relies upon machine-scored formative and summative assessment types like multiple choice, true/false or labeling activities. Detractors of adaptive learning software point out that these assessment types tend to measure what students have memorized and not so much what students can do. What’s more, […]