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Pell Recipients / MOOCs / Require Degrees / And More: Worth Reading for 10.01.2015

Why Is It So Hard for Pell Recipients to Graduate? Excerpt: “A new report released Thursday provides a detailed look at the graduation rates of low-income college students. At many colleges, low-income students graduate at much lower rates than their high-income peers. At the University of Missouri-Kansas City, only 35 percent of Pell grant recipients graduate college, a rate that is more than 20 percentage points […]

Data-Informed Design / Future of Conferences / Treatment of Adjuncts and More: Worth Reading for 09.24.2015

:: Data-Informed Design, a Sasaki Perspective in SCUP Journal Excerpt: “In the following Q&A, Claire Turcotte, managing editor of SCUP’s journal Planning for Higher Education, speaks with Sasaki principals Vinicius Gorgati, AIA, LEED® AP, Tyler Patrick, AICP, and Ken Goulding, [pictured above, left to right] about data-informed design. The three experts offer insight on the […]

Competency-Based Online Learning: Notes on Costs

:: :: Reducing the cost of higher education is one of the more significant possibilities offered by online competency-based education (CBE). College budgets are not going to get any easier to balance in the near future, and the pressure to restrain decades of increases in tuition is now coming from the highest offices in the US. […]

Is There a Lecture Learning Gap?

Annie Murphy Paul’s recent blog, Are College Lectures Unfair?  gives us another look at the weaknesses of the lecture format as a teaching method. She reminds us that teaching through lecture is a cultural phenomenon. According to Norm Friesen’s, The Lecture as a Transmedial Pedagogical Form: A Historical Analysis, the education lecture originated in the early Middle Ages […]

Big Data in Research / The Death of Expertise / And More: Worth Reading for 09.17.2015

  How Big Data has Transformed Research | The Guardian Interesting examples of the use of big data in university research Example video concerns “Illustris”, a computer simulation of the evolution of the universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=6&v=GPyNqagzFr0 Read more The Death Of Expertise | The Federalist Excerpt: “I fear we are witnessing the ‘death of expertise:’ a […]

The Experiential Network @Northeastern: An Interview with Nick Ducoff

You’ve recently launched the Experiential Network at Northeastern University. How does it work? ND: The Experiential Network is a consolidated approach to providing employers in Northeastern University’s network and the university’s graduate student talent with opportunities to collaborate with one another. The initial opportunity offered to employers through the Experiential Network pairs employers, or “project […]

CBE: Part of a Bigger Picture

Competency-based learning is the “real thing”; not merely hype. Unlike so many other innovations in higher ed – technologies that might work and projects that never really get off the ground - CBE is an honest-to-goodness instructional model with deep roots in higher ed. And its benefits are relatively clear: it incorporates prior learning assessment (indirectly through self-paced learning or directly […]

Competency Education Boom / The Real Value of Higher Ed / And More: Worth Reading for 09.10.2015

Amid Competency-Based Education Boom, A Meeting to Help Colleges Do It Right Excerpt: “Roughly 600 colleges are in the design phase for a new competency-based education program, are actively creating one or already have a program in place. That’s up from an estimated 52 institutions last year. Amid this quick expansion, a group of college […]

Achieving Different Objectives Through Competency-Based Education

Excitement about competency-based education or CBE continues apace. (See links below.) But the reasons for the excitement differ and, sometimes, conflict. In research reports, essays and press releases, we find a wide range of different motivations for getting behind the rise of CBE. The instructional model acts as vessel for a variety of interests and hopes […]

Trends in Digital Edu Authoring: Notes on DIY

  A growing body of anecdotal evidence suggests that we may be in the early stages of an important trend in digital higher education, in which colleges and universities rethink and rework how they develop online course materials. The common approach, which took hold during the early days of online education in the late 1990s, and has its roots […]

Unbundling / Administration v Faculty / And More: Worth Reading for August 27 2015

:: Data, Technology, and the Great Unbundling of Higher Education Colleges and universities must address several critical issues in the years ahead in order to prepare for the next seismic change: the unbundling of higher education. Excerpt: “American colleges and universities continue to navigate by the stars of rankings from U.S. News & World Report and other […]