Resources for Administrators, Faculty and Instructional Designers

With the rapid emergence of educational technology solutions, it is important to understand what makes each tool unique. At Acrobatiq, we’ve developed these resources to help administrators, faculty and instructional designers better understand how adaptive learning impacts the classroom and improves learning outcomes.

White Papers

Harnessing the Promise of Educational Technology to Improve Outcomes

Adaptive Learning is Getting Smarter
How Adaptive Learning is Getting Smarter and Paying Off in Better Outcomes

Adaptive Learning is Getting Smarter
How Acrobatiq Adapts the Learning Experience for Students

Impact of Competency-Based Programs
The Impact of Competency-Based Programs

Impact of Competency-Based Programs
Leveraging Learning Analytics — Higher Education’s Emerging Institutional Asset

The Convergence of Instructional Design and Technology – Enabled Teaching

How Design Thinking Is Spurring Education Innovation

What Do We Mean by Twenty-First Century Skills Anyway? 

Copy of 21C Skills

The Many Ways Universities Are Exploring the Coding Boot Camp Trend

Using Data
Using Learning Data to Optimize Teaching and Learning for Continued Improvement

Copy of 21C Skills-2
Implementing Adaptive Learning at Scale: Insights from National Louis University

21C Skills
The Data-Driven Campus- Using Learning Analytics to Optimize Teaching, Learning, and Student Persistence

21C Skills
How MasteryPrep Uses Adaptive Learning to Prepare Students for the ACT College Admissions Test

An Early Start on the Career Pathway: A Look at New Models of University-Business Partnerships

Optimizing Learning: How a Psychology Professor Uses Adaptive Learning to Help Students Improve Retention

Before, During, and After the College Classroom: Six Innovative Cases for Adaptive Learning

Teaching to the Way Students Learn: How Cognitive Science and Adaptive Learning Are Combining to Influence Classroom Practices

What is Machine Learning and How Does it Power Adaptive Learning?


A Guide on Adaptive Learning for University Leaders
Framing the Adaptive Learning Conversation: A Guide for University Leaders

Case Studies

NLU Case Study
University of Vermont Finds the Right Learning Tool for Introduction to Psychology Students

NLU Case Study
How a Private Midwest College Uses Adaptive Learning to Tackle the Completion Problem


How The Associated Colleges of the Midwest’s Institute on College Futures Online is Using Adaptive Learning to Teach Educators About the Economics of Higher Education

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