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Acrobatiq enables educators and instructional designers to personalize learning for every student

Let Us Help You Optimize Teaching and Learning

In the field of computer science, “program optimization” refers to the process of altering or amending a software system to make some or all of it work more efficiently or use fewer resources to achieve the same or better output.  Learning optimization is much the same.  It’s the process of making education as effective and efficient as possible so that more students can benefit from a quality education.

At Acrobatiq, we help educators and institutions optimize teaching and learning through evidence-based personalized learning solutions proven to help students be better learners – particularly when learning is delivered online.

Our enterprise platform, content and services enable institutions to rapidly author, deliver, measure and continually improve outcomes-based learning that adapts to the needs of each learner. Insights generated from student learning data provide educators with detailed information about which learners need help and with what, leading to improved student engagement and academic achievement.

The Acrobatiq platform is a purpose-built for scaling personalized learning to students. Components include:

Acrobatiq Smart Author and Fast-Start Content Library simplifies and streamlines the collaborative development of highly effective and adaptive learning experiences from scratch, from existing content imported into the application, or by customizing content from one of 27 courses offered in the optional content library.

Acrobatiq Adaptive Learning Environment, where students engage with the curricula created in Smart Author is mobile-ready for students using smart phones, tablets, or PC’s and is LTI-compliant, enabling single-sign through leading learning management systems.

Acrobatiq Analytics Engine captures and models both clickstream (i.e. page views, logins, etc.) and learning data from students’ performance on learning activities to generate a real-time predictive learning estimate for each student against every outcome in the course. The analytic engine’s algorithms are based on a theory of learning grounded in cognitive science research at CMU’s Open Learning Initiative.

Acrobatiq Learning Data—or measures of learning produced by the Acrobatiq Analytics Engine—are displayed on The Acrobatiq Learning Dashboard™ – a powerful and easy-to-use resource to help inform decisions that instructors make about how to help their students succeed. Learning data also powers the adaptive learning experience for students, and tools for course developers to support continual course improvement.

Our Capabilities Can Help Educators and Institutions:

  • Rapidly develop and delivery rich, interactive and adaptive courseware based in learning science
  • Extend and enhance internal instructional design and development capacity using our professional services team
  • Cost – effectively manage and maintain robust, multi-course online learning programs
  • Collect and analyze nuanced and differentiated learning data for better decision-making.  Data is used to provide feedback to learners, instructors, and course design teams, or for use within a broader set of data tools
  • Access a set of API’s that can be used to extend and enhance existing platform capabilities

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