Optimize Learning and Improve Learning Outcomes

Institutional implementation of Acrobatiq’s Smart Author can help your college or university rapidly develop, deliver and continually improve high quality and effective personalized learning solutions for students.

Research has shown that personalized learning solutions:

  • Enable students to learn faster
  • Reduce the time needed to complete a course
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve learning and retention of course material

With Acrobatiq, you can begin to measurably improve learning outcomes, and meet the needs of a diverse community of learners who are looking for more personalized and effective educational experiences to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

Adaptive Learning Technology Improves Learning Outcomes

At the core of our adaptive learning technology is proven course design informed by the science of learning that supports improved student outcomes. Acrobatiq’s adaptive learning courseware collects and models data, which is accessible through The Learning Dashboard™.

Increase Graduation Rates

Acrobatiq’s adaptive learning technology engages students in a way that traditional courses can’t. With Acrobatiq, students have clear learning objectives and they learn by doing through an interactive learning environment. And the hybrid or online learning experience offers more flexible and accessible courses. All of these features contribute to a learning environment that better serves today’s diverse population of students and helps them successfully complete their education at your school.

To learn more about how Acrobatiq can improve course completions, retention and persistence,  contact us today.