Acrobatiq’s Adaptive Learning Courseware Optimizes Learning

At Acrobatiq, we know that technology will never replace passionate instructors. But we believe that technology can help instructors enhance their teaching in new and surprising ways.

In fact, our cloud-based, adaptive learning courseware offers students a personalized learning experience superior to that found in traditional textbooks and other course materials. At $70 per student, it’s a cost-effective textbook replacement comprised of expository text, multimedia, assignments and assessments. This unique learning experience provides students with engaging, rigorous, and interactive activities. The courseware also provides instructors like you with the data and tools you need to guide each student toward success.

How Personalized Learning Courseware Can Help

Our personalized learning platform is effective because it helps you:

  • Monitor student progress
  • Intervene where students need help the most
  • Provide targeted feedback
  • Teach at an effective pace
  • Customize lessons to each student’s demonstrated learning proficiency
  • Make timely course adjustments
  • Help each student realize his or her full potential

To take a look at our personalized learning platform, sign up for a preview of Acrobatiq’s adaptive learning courseware now.