Smart Author™


The Easiest Way to Make Beautiful, Adaptive Online Courses

Smart Author gives educators and instructional designers the power to personalize learning and keep more students on-track to graduate


Develop and Deliver Beautiful, Interactive and Adaptive Courses

With Smart Author, you can develop and deliver rich, interactive and adaptive online courses optimized for mobile delivery and grounded in the science of how people learn.  Quickly author abundant formative activities, rich content, and multi-form assessments for a “learn by doing” approach to instruction.

Benefits of Using Smart Author to Develop Your Adaptive Online Course:

Based On Principles of Learning ScienceUsing best practices from CMU’s Open Learning Initiative, leaders in learning science research, Acrobatiq Smart Author includes step-by-step guidance to creating exemplary online learning experiences that help students learn more efficiently and effectively.

Designed for Collaboration: Includes enterprise-grade workflow tools to support the rapid development of online learning courses and programs.  Smart Author includes multiple role types and levels of permissions for complete control over the development process, from initial concept to course release and continuous updates.

Supports Multiple Content Types: Quickly develop lessons with interactive content, activities, and assessments so students learn by doing. Smart Author tools make it easy to include hundreds of discrete opportunities for students to practice skills and learn new concepts.

Includes a Variety of Assessment Types: Easily create goal-directed practice and targeted feedback, critical to learning.  Smart Author includes over 25 different activity types to create formative practice embedded with instructional scaffolding such as multiple levels of hints and targeted, timely feedback.

Simplifies Course Customization: Smart Author gives authoring teams complete control over course content and assessments to organize content in the order you want students to learn.   In just a few clicks you can add, remove or reorder learning modules.  Create and experiment with alternate versions of the same course “blueprint” for different types of learners.

Personalizes the Learning Experience: Courses developed in Smart Author dynamically personalize learning for each student, based on his or her own learning needs. With Smart Author, you can easily create adaptive practice sessions that function much like a human tutor for students.  Frequent hints and error-sensitive feedback help students get “unstuck” and keep students on track to complete courses with a passing grade or better.

Learn more about how active, adaptive learning experiences improve student learning outcomes.

Quickly Develop and Deliver Adaptive Online Courses Using Design Principles From Learning Science


Blueprint Your Course Outcomes

Smart Author includes Skill Graph templates developed by a team of  Acrobatiq Learning Engineers

Acrobatiq makes it easy to develop basic Skill Graphs that outline and organize what students should know and be able to do by the end of a course.  Outcomes can be expressed as competencies, learning goals, learning objectives or skills and can be problem, project or scenario-based.   Skill Graphs provide the basic framework for a well-structured course and the foundation for knowing what gets measured.  All expository text, multimedia, assignments and assessments are aligned to specific learning outcomes ensuring a positive learning experience for your students.

Skill Graph - Close Up - 3

Smart Author Page Tools


Produce dynamic lessons with content from multiple sources

Create adaptive, engaging and pedagogically effective curriculum using best practices from CMU’s Open Learning Initiative, pioneers in online learning.

Purpose-built templates enable you to add your own content or use content from other sources such as Acrobatiq’s library of exemplar courseware, OER or 3rd party content from publishers.

Instructional design prompts guide courseware development using best practices and design principles from CMU’s acclaimed Open Learning Initiative.


Collaborate using enterprise-level workflow management tools

Support the scaled development of adaptive courseware

Never before has it been this easy for teams of educators and instructional designers to actively collaborate on the development of beautiful, adaptive online courseware. With support for multiple role types, projects and permissions, you control the courseware development process from initial concept to courseware release and continuous updates.

Smart Author Home

Smart Author Media Manager


Organize, Track and Manage All Your Courseware Media Assets

Includes robust media and rights-tracking tools

Managing a large number of media assets used on online courseware is easy with Smart Author.   Course designers can upload and tag media, and track rights management  within the Smart Author course development interface.


Include a Wide Variety of Formative and Summative Question Types 

Smart Author includes templates for multiple question types, each with hints and targeted feedback.

Using a simple form-like interface, courseware authors can develop practice and assessments by choosing from more than 22 template question types including multiple choice, true/false, drag and drop and many others.

Includes support for math questions including an equation editor.  Authors can toggle the sensitivity of how the system recognizes answers giving instructors and course developers a range of flexible options for math-related instruction.

Page Editor - Select Question Type - 14

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See Dynamic Learning Analytic Dashboards Based On Your Course Content

Enable faculty, students, and other stakeholders to visualize and act on student learning performance

After courseware made in Smart Author is delivered to students, you can monitor student progress on key learning outcomes in real-time with The Learning Dashboard™

The Learning Dashboard™ collects, stores, and analyzes learning data generated when a student undertakes learning activities created in Smart Author.  Activities tied to specific learning objectives, and component skills required to master those learning objectives are per-defined in the Smart Author Skill Graph.  This enables Acrobatiq to utilize a learning model developed at Carnegie Mellon University to analyze the data, and provide highly visual, actionable insights.

With The Learning Dashboard, you”ll know, for example:

  • Which objectives or component skills were not learned across a particular class. 
  • Which students are learning at a comparatively lower level for a given objective.
  • Which students have not engaged in enough practice.
  • Which students are working hard, but not mastering key learning objectives and are therefore becoming “at risk.”

With these insights about student learning performance (and many more),  faculty, course designers and others can intervene where students need help most, and provide targeted feedback or make timely course adjustments.  Actions proven to help students master critical course content.


Enable Personalized, Adaptive Learning For Every Student

 Acrobatiq adaptive learning engine individualizes practice based on each students’ learning needs

Research has clearly shown that goal-directed practice, coupled with targeted, timely, and personalized feedback improves students’ ability to learn, often at a faster pace. Acrobatiq Smart Author enables the delivery of personalized practice questions tailored to each students’ needs.  See it in action »



Deliver Your Course To Your Students

 Acrobatiq’s flexible delivery platform enables students to learn anywhere, anytime

Our cloud-based delivery platform works seamlessly with most leading learning management systems.  Courses developed in Smart Author can easily be delivered to students through Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle or other leading LMS’s.  Students can also directly register and access your new course from  Let us show you how.

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