Your Success is Our Success

Implementing any new initiative or partnership requires a dedicated team of committed professionals. Our Customer Success Team is focused on your success. We offer a range of professional services – from strategy to implementation to training options – to help ensure short and long-term success.

Our training and professional services are included as part of every platform subscription to drive successful outcomes. Training is delivered on-site or virtually and is organized to address key roles and functions at the partner level.

Our start-up training package include:

  • Data-driven curriculum development and assessment
  • Best practices in design based on learning science
  • Platform integration and APIs
  • Learning outcomes analysis and optimization
  • Research and data analytics
  • Grant development/evaluation services

Our technical support and training programs – delivered via phone, webinar, or in person – help guide faculty and instructional design teams towards successful platform usage and implementation.

Training Topics: Getting Started
Building Learning Science-Based Courseware:

  •    Forming teams and project planning: roles, responsibilities, workflow
  •    Getting started: creating new users, setting roles, high-level configurations, etc.
  •    Outcomes-based course architecture: building an effective course outcomes model
  •    Designing a learning science-based course: principles and methodology
  •    Accessing existing learning resources: best practices for ingesting content
  •    Building and integrating effective activities for learning and for data collection
  •    Using the Acrobatiq platform: using all elements and assessment types
  •    LMS or Acrobatiq platform? Making good decisions about what goes where
  •    Meeting accessibility requirements: building Section 508 compliant courseware

Leveraging Data in the Teaching Process:

  •    Overview of dashboards and data
  •    Best practices in teaching with data-driven courseware

Using Data to Refine and Improve Courseware:

  •    Analyzing and using data to take targeted steps to improve courseware

Acrobatiq trains key on-campus resource(s) in a “train the trainer” model so they can be a scalable resource to drive program development as needs expand.

Professional Services

In addition to our start-up training, Acrobatiq offers additional custom training and consultation as needed by the institution beyond the start-up package and included services.  We offer a range of professional services to supports the design, development, delivery and data-driven improvement of online or self-paced learning programs.

Some examples include:

  • Learning Engineering Training & Certification: Faculty and instructional design professionals will learn to build institutional specific courses that are designed for data- driven use. The project will allow teams to build internal capacity to design in the Acrobatiq system. Training covers underlying design principles related to how people learn effectively, how to translate those principles into consistent course elements, how to build skill graphs representing outcomes at an appropriate level of granularity, and how to design for data.The system is able to capture meaningful and relevant data, ensuring that while students are getting a strong learning experience.
  • Learning Analytic Data Services: We train and support users in understanding how to interpret incoming learning data, best practices of teaching utilizing data, how to combine learning data targeting the learning objective level with other data the institution holds to gain new insights into learners and learner progression through programs, etc.
  • Software Engineer Consultation: The Acrobatiq technical team will provide platform integration, school branding, a test environment, software engineering consulting and technical support.
  • Learning Engineering Project Support: Each project institution will have a lead Learning Engineer from Acrobatiq. The designated Learning Engineer will serve as Acrobatiq’s learning design lead for the project and will collaborate with the project leads and other project participants to ensure that the project is effective in building capacity among participants and developing effective courses.
  • Impact Evaluation: Acrobatiq’s Director of Research can assist institutions looking to set up rigorous evaluation of impact and outcomes with the following services: study design, data collection, data analysis and more.