About Release 3.0


New course authoring and enhanced analytics capabilities to accelerate the development, delivery and ongoing management of adaptive courseware.

Enables educators and instructional design teams to collaboratively design, develop and deliver rich, interactive and adaptive online courses optimized for mobile delivery and grounded in the science of how people learn.

Enhanced Learning Analytics

More detailed and real-time predictive learning estimates to inform teaching and learning decisions.

  • New! Ability to produce predictive learning estimates even in small classes.  As sample sizes increase, predictive estimates get fine tuned.
  • New! Data-informed Course Readiness Reports to automate review of the course organization and content elements (see more details below).
  • New! Question difficulty is automatically inferred to better inform individual learning estimates. Course designers can view insights about high performing vs low performing assessment items.

Acrobatiq Learning Analytics2

Updated Learning Dashboard

See predictive learning estimates for every student against each learning outcome.

  • Updated user interface making it easier to navigate and interpret learning data.
  • New! Inline help system to guide new users in understanding and using predictive learning estimates.
  • Improved ability to generate customized dashboard views for every course.

See our blog for more information on using The Learning Dashboard.

New Course Publishing and Maintenance Tools

New! Publish courses to students and manage ongoing maintenance.

Now it’s easier for educators and instructional design teams to actively collaborate on the development of beautiful, adaptive online courseware. With Acrobatiq’s new Publishing and Maintenance workflow tools, course design teams can author, edit, update and continually manage courses, even when the course is actively running with students.

  • New! Generate multiple sections for student enrollment
  • New! Make incremental version updates to running courses
  • New! Enable new course releases to run parallel to existing releases

Screenshot 2017-07-17 17.32.23

New Course Readiness Reports

Automate the review of the course organization and content elements — specifically alignment between objectives, practice, and assessments.  

Key areas of review include:

  • Process: Temporary content place holders removed such as media elements that may have been inserted in the lesson authoring phase.
  • Skill Graph: Checks for duplicate objectives, whether objectives have skills and whether all questions are tagged to skills.
  • Alignment: Ensures that practice elements are aligned to a learning objective and that every practice question is aligned to one or more summative assessments.
  • Questions: Looks for common mistakes such as duplicate answers, missing distractors, missing right answers, and whether enough variety is being used in question types.
  • Accessibility: Checks that images have alt text, and video content has transcripts.
  • Structure: Checks that an appropriate number of learning objectives are included on each page and that every page has at least one learning objective.

See our blog for more detailed information on Course Readiness Reports.

Enhanced Administrative Features

Updated Assessment Settings Scheduler

Now its easier for course developers and instructors to manage assessment variables including:

  • Number of attempts available to students
  • Start and end dates for each assessment
  • Scheduling a submission deadline
  • Adding time limits to complete assessments
  • Extending a grace period after submission deadline has passed

Administrative Features 2

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Inline help

Inline help2

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New Blueprints

New! On-Screen Help and Updated UX in Smart Author

Learn as you go with on-screen prompts and inline help

Now it is even easier to use the Acrobatiq platform with the introduction of on-screen help and prompts.  Tap the inline guidance for contextual help,  authoring tips and guidance, and more detail on getting the most from learning analytics and dashboards.

Smart Author users will see an updated and “expandable” left side navigation bar enabling more visible work space, and a refreshed and streamlined user interface on the Blueprints page.

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